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Our office has been providing Home, Auto, Business, and Life Insurance, as well as Financial Services in both local and multi-cultural communities in the Greater Toronto Area for more than ten years. I have the passion to lead my team to serve our clients with exceptional customer services because we care about you a lot, our valued customers and your family. We offer our customers competitive rates for Home, Auto, Business, and Life Insurance. In addition, my team and I always welcome you to contact us for referrals, quotes, questions, or to assist you during a claim when an unexpected accident occurs. We're very grateful for the opportunities you give me and my team.

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Simple tips for camping safety

For many, campgrounds are a home away from home during camping season. That means you should protect your campsite just as you would your house. Make camping safety a priority on your next trip.

Keep your home protected while on vacation

You’ve packed up your suitcase and planned your itinerary, but before you leave for vacation, take the time to protect your home while you’re away. July and August are popular vacation months, and unsurprisingly, they’re also the months when home burglaries peak. To fully enjoy your trip, plan appropriate home security and maintenance with this checklist.

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